Health Promotion Literature Review

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Health Promotion Literature Review
Jennifer L. Gallo
Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion 429V
April 22, 2012
Jennifer L. Cook RN, MSN

Health Promotion “describes a multifaceted approach to encourage health related lifestyle changes among individuals and communities” and “aims to allow people to increase their control over their health and the factors that affect it with the ultimate aim of enhancing health and its determinants.” (Bennett, Perry & Lawrence, 2009, pg. 49). This essay will discuss the purpose of health promotion, the role and responsibility assumed by nurses in health promotion, implementation of health promotion by nurses, and will identify and define the three levels of health promotion prevention.
Until the mid-twentieth century, health care was illness orientated. Main causes of death up to that point were related to infectious disease. Around 1940, chronic illnesses including heart disease, stroke, and cancer became the leading of deaths. (McLeroy & Crump,1994). As the focus of health care changed, the role of nursing changed as well. Historically, nurses provided care to the ill and provided treatment for diseases without necessarily emphasizing health education. As healthcare has evolved, promoting wellness has become a fundamental part of the nursing profession. Nurses are in a position to influence health modification in individuals, families and communities by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and to provide education that increases health knowledge.
The singular purpose of health promotion is to encourage healthy personal habits and lifestyle choices, which in turn reduces health risks and enhances wellbeing. (Smeltzer & Bare,1996) How an individual approaches health will be determined by their personal beliefs…...