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Health Services Management

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Name: Esbon Mwangi Gakuo
Registration Number: HSM-3-3870-3/2014
Trimester III 2014
1. Identify a tier 2 health facility of your choice.
2. Based on the above facility, answer questions 1 to 6 of reading assignment 1 in the reader.

Instructor: Susan Njuguna

Date of Submission: 12th October 2014 1. Identify a tier 2 health facility of your choice. Name of Facility | Sub-County | County | Catchment Population | Gatugura Dispensary | Gichugu | Kirinyaga | 13,768 |

2. Based on the above facility, answer questions 1 to 6 of reading assignment 1 in the reader.
Question 1
Why do we want an essential health package? What is it going to be used for? Who are expected to benefit? If we want currently under-served populations to benefit, are we being realistic that they will be able to access the new EHP?

Question 2
How will we define it? Cost it? What work needs to be done? Who should be involved in its development?

Question 3
What timeframe are we talking about in terms of achieving implementation?

Question 4
Which providers are expected to implement the EHP? How will they be supported? What changes need to be made to budget allocations; training and distribution of health workers; medicines lists, reporting forms etc?

Queston 5
How will the EHP be financed? Are new resources needed, or will resources be shifted away from existing programmes or facilities? What is the plan if the costing vastly exceeds current resources?

Question 6
Monitoring implementation: how will this be done? Who will review the results? Who is responsible for taking action when needed?

The reading assignment was centered on...

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