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Health Supplements in Children and Adults.

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Health supplements in children and adults.

Health Supplements - are frequently used in children and adults; they are often used as a form of medicine to treat various health conditions. They assist in supporting good health.

Supplementation such as fish oil, can be most beneficial in children as it can be hard to eat large amounts of fish necessary for optimal health, in example you would be required to eat 2.3 kg of snapper or 1.1 kg of canned tuna every day, In order to achieve the same level in a hi strength fish oil capsule (ethicalnutrients,2014). This key factor may lead to the vast majority of children who lack in depleted levels in omega 3 fatty acids necessary for growing children in their early stages of development (kidsspot,2014).

This fatty acid is considered beneficial in a child’s growing healthy development due to the following reasons for improved learning, eye health, nervous system and behaviour. Supplements such as kidssmart fish oil capsules offer an easy alternative for parents in a tasteless chewable form children will likely enjoy. (kidssmart, 2014).

In adults the same rule apples when taking such supplements into consideration, the need for a vitamin or mineral supplement due to limited dietary intake or food choices. A multivitamin can assist in maintaining optimal health and general wellbeing an example of products from Naturesway offer women and men’s multivitamin the formula containing 28 specially selected ingredients to provide daily nutritional support in, one capsule per day…...

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