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Health and Clinical Psychology

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A2 Psychology: G543 Options Paper
Exam Technique and Tips

General Exam Information
You will be assessed for this unit in a 1.5 hour examination. You will need to answer four questions; two questions from the topic of Forensic Psychology and two questions from the topic of Health and Clinical Psychology. This means you will have about 20 minutes of writing time per question, plus a little bit of thinking time. This is not a long time to maximise your marks, so there are some simple exam techniques to follow below.

Each question will be worth 25 marks and be divided into two parts; part (a) and part (b). Part (a) asks you to demonstrate descriptive skills and is worth 10 marks, whilst part (b) asks you to display evaluative skills and is worth 15 marks.

General Exam Technique/Advice

* Choose the right questions
A mistake made by some students is answering questions on a topic they haven’t studied! So ensure you firstly locate the two sections of the paper that you can answer questions on; Forensic and Health/Clinical. In each of these two sections, there will be a choice of four questions. You will only choose two questions per section, so pick which questions you are going to answer and cross out the others. Choosing which questions to answer may be difficult than it first appears because some questions may sound similar. You need to become familiar with the layout and wording of questions prior to your exam.

* Know your timings
For each question you should allow more time to answer part (b) than part (a) because part (b) carries more marks. Try to divide your time equally between all four questions on the paper in order to maximise your marks. It is a bad idea to do two brilliant essays on Forensic Psychology and then to find you have very little time to write your two Health and Clinical answers.

Example Exam Question and Mark Scheme...

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