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Health and Socila Care

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My performance:
My scenario was – you are working in a nursery with children who have sever learning difficulties. One of the children has spilt their lunch over themselves, you need to clean them up. In this performance I have used a variety of non-verbal and verbal communication skills. The non-verbal communication skills I used was eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice and gestures which I felt I used then correctly throughout the activity. I also used questioning, pace of speech and turn taking for the verbal communication. Below I have explained in details how I used these types of communication and how it made the service user which is the child feel. Lastly, I will be writing any improvements or recommendations if I was to do this again and any factors that inhibited my communication.
Recommendations and improvements: 1. If I was to do this again and improve my performance I will have to use more prompts, as before I thought I used them but not correctly. I felt that if I was to use this more and properly, than I would have been able to stop the child more quickly from being scared and persuade them to listen to me and understand more quickly as well. 2. My second improvement would be asking more questions so I can find what made them act and behave like this, so I can write it in their record but also to be aware for next time on what to do and to expect it if it happens again but also to get to know the child and for them to get to know me more. By me doing this is will make the child feel relaxed around them and would make them open up to me and feel they can tell me anything. 3. Another improvement would be using more turn taking, by me asking them questions would give them more opportunity to let them talk so I can see what made them act this way. This will make the child feel reassured and clear themselves what they did and why they...

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