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Healthcare: a Right or a Privilege

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Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege
An Argument over National Healthcare in the United States
Bobbi Pippins
Soc 120
Instructor: Sheila Fry March 23, 2012

Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege An Argument over National Healthcare in the United States There will always be a debate over what is considered fair healthcare in America. As long as there is no national healthcare system that is equal for everyone, there will be arguments over whether it is a right or a privilege. Research will show that healthcare is a basic right for every human being in the world, and that by having a national healthcare system in America, this right can be enforced. America has, for many years, had the view of an ethical egoist, where something is good or right only if it helps to achieve the desired goal of the politicians. While using the utilitarianism view, or that which produces the best results for the greatest number, may well be the view that this nation should embrace. Healthcare should be a basic human right for everybody in the world. While national healthcare for everyone might be complicated to get started, if everyone had equal access to healthcare there would be more preventative care and therefore less costs due to chronic illnesses, diseases such as cancer, would be caught in the early stages of progression which would, in turn, allow for more treatment options and more chances of survival, and early, as well as consistent. Treatment of mental illness could help prevent some drug use and thus possibly lowering the crime rate. Research shows that the United States is a member of the World Health Organization, an organization put together by the United Nations. In the Constitution of the World Health Organization, one of the first principles mentioned is “the enjoyment...

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