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1. What are three factors which have led to more patient involvement in CQI?
Patients are expected to be involved in healthcare as health systems have developed. Social and Health sector changes have also contributed to the call of patient involvement. Technological shifts have/are having a huge impact and let’s not forget the dominance of medicine has been questioned by patients and the HIV/AID epidemic has been a major force for change.
2. Describe the three levels of patient involvement in CQI and give examples of each?
Micro-level involvement is active patient involvement as acknowledged in the concept of the self-managing patient, (informing a provider about the overuse medication, providers not washing hands)
Meso-level involvement is patient involved in health service or even whole system planning management and evaluation (Self-help and advocacy groups).
Macro-level involvement is where patients are involved in national/internal safety activities e.g. the WHO London declaration
3. What are the two dimensions of involvement in the MAPR model and what is the major difference between the two dimensions?
We have the active-proactive and passive –reactive. Dimension1 involves direct patient involvement in identifying, confronting and addressing the sources of error prior to events, Dimension 2 involves responses from patients after error events have occurred.
4. What is the major focus of social marketing and why is this focus so important in healthcare?
Social marketing focuses on a framework for behavioral change, it emphasizes a planned and responsive approach. It is important to healthcare because with a focus on reducing medical errors by linking CQI and social marketing.
5. Describe the four P’s of a strategic marketing mix.
Product -can be either a tangible good or an intangible service that fulfills a need or...

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