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Healthcare Business Trends

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Trends come and go, and this is especially true in the healthcare industry where everything is currently constantly changing. It is always important to analyze pros and cons of business trends when deciding whether to implement them in an organization. While there are countless trends to consider, six in particular will be the topic of this discussion: Mergers and acquisitions, consumerism and the role of the patient, outsourcing, Lean Six Sigma, Medicaid Expansion, and Bring Your Own Device.

In the ever-changing health care world, different business and finance trends come and go. In the midst of all the uncertainty, there is only one thing for certain and that is the goal of improving the bottom line. There are countless trends on the horizon for healthcare but there are six in particular that will be discussed: Mergers and acquisitions, consumerism and the role of the patient, outsourcing, Lean Six Sigma, Medicaid Expansion, and Bring Your Own Device. Careful consideration of the pros and cons of each trend can help determine whether implementing one or more of them is right for an organization.
Mergers and acquisitions are expected to grow within the healthcare industry in the coming months and even years due to the Affordable Care Act. According to KPMG, 60 percent of the healthcare executives it recently polled said they plan to make more deals in 2013 than in 2012. Many of the deals are expected to be mid-market sized or smaller (generally $250 million or less), with easy financing and fewer obstacles than in larger transactions among the leading drivers, according to the poll. (Shinkman 2013) Some of the features of the ACA that are driving this M&A growth are reimbursement adjustments and broader benefit coverage, “causing profit and not-for-profit hospitals to re-evaluate current operations models and explore...

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