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Healthcare Communication Method During Changes

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Healthcare Communication Method During Changes

Healthcare Communication Method During Changes

I’m NAME and I am working as the administrator for temporary as well as long-term care facilities. At present I am working for Health Bridge Manor that offers temporary rehab facility and long-standing stay for patients. My role as administrator makes me look after the quality of care. I monitor to ensure all needs of the clients are met at the facility. Client satisfaction is one great aim.

There has been recent news as of late. Our Health Bridge manor facility is going to be under new hands. Blair Bridge Health Campus is going to take over this facility and they are going to offer more long term stay service for patients. They will be refashioning the existing facilities to offer customized service to seniors and temporary rehab services. As I’m working as the administrator I need to let the relatives of our clients get familiar with these updates. I have to ensure that patients get satisfactory service during the takeover process. This Health Bridge Manor facility has one unique characteristic of accommodating long term clients of many different roots that come with different cultures. As a result their culture has to be kept in mind.

Effective communication in the healthcare scenario needs to have right leadership and teamwork to have adequate interaction among the providers and clients. This can effectively present positive image of a healthcare organization to the media. Where I work is suffused with different ethnic backgrounds and this has helped me to understand how I can effectively communicate with people of different cultures. I know how to communicate with the patients and their near and dear ones. However, some patients’ relatives come from a different locality and so I will need some time to talk with them about the ongoing happenings. As the new policies will be a bit different in some cases, some of the existing patients will have to go elsewhere. That is why as the administrator I will have to ensure that all the patients feel comfortable with the ongoing process. As I am well aware of the cultural diversity of the patients, I can recruit some employees from respective cultures. This is how the employees will be able to serve patients and visitors of different cultural backgrounds. According to Gardenswartz & Rowe 1998, in times of crisis this strategy can help a lot. Moreover, when there is an increase of patients in the facility, employees of different ethnic backgrounds can easily handle the situation.

Being an administrator I need to devise a plan for the facility so that employees can have effective communication and thereby improve quality and effectiveness. Leadership is the priority skill. All the divisions will have one person assigned who will take the responsibility of grouping staff of his/her team. Regular emails should be sent through the group leader. They will tell others about the meeting that will be headed by me to let all staff familiarize with the upcoming changes. The next two weeks will see lot of changes and so communication will be made laterally as well as vertically to all people in the facility. According to Wilson 1992, this type of bi directional communication helps everyone interact effectively in a large group of people. Members from all the divisions will have interaction this way. In this kind of communication there will be synchronized communication method to spread any news to all necessary. As all the divisions have good leaders here, I can have optimum sharing of information and knowledge. The whole team made up of all the departments will have no problem in handing the communication process. Meanwhile flyers will let staff of every level know what is going to happen and at what time and day. So everyone will be aware of the ongoing changes in the facility.

When we have put into operation all these necessary, we need to pay attention to medical record keeping. Keeping records of patients is one very important role for us. It is true that in many places medical records are now being transferred to electronic form called as EMR. However, here we are even now going with printed or paper based record keeping. In these records there are notes made by doctors, illness history, history of care like diagnosis, allergic reaction, vaccination and etc. Also we keep information about close relatives. All the information is very important for everyone in the facility. We have to be very careful about the maintenance of these documents and records.

It is a fact that we have to follow the patient information privacy rule and best practices suggested by HIPPA law. As many research and academic bodies used to use patient information in experimental basis, we now need to follow the privacy rule strictly. This is a governmental rule to be applied for all healthcare facilities. As an administrator I make sure that HIPPA Act of 1996 is being followed rightly. Whenever a new patient or even a service provider is in the facility for the first time, I ensure that they understand the privacy policy.

Being an administrator I need to employ any process of communication that makes my clients feel satisfied. I try to have interaction with them a lot so as to understand their needs. When I interact with patients and their relatives, I also get to understand what is happening in our care patient facility.

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