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National EHR Database Security
Synthia Ross
ITT Tech Online
OLA 1- Managing Business Information Systems
Professor Mikal Wilkerson
July 27, 2013

In 2009, President Barack Obama declared that by 2014, all American health records would exist in an electronic format. As part of this undertaking, the federal government has budgeted $19.2 billion in incentives for medical institutions to invest in EHRs via the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA). By making health records completely digital, we are entrusting our most private information to “cyber-space” and opening ourselves up to potential violations of privacy. It is imperative that everyone consider the new security issues faced when approaching data storage, transmission and retrieval from various electronic devices. HIPAA’s agenda was to establish privacy, security, and electronic standards for health care providers that handle different types of patient information. The accountability part of the act includes the penalties for breaches in medical privacy, disclosures of patient records by e-mail, or un-authorized network access. How will this mesh into the emerging National Electronics Health Records Database managed by the US Government?

National EHR Database Privacy
Since 1996, the U.S. government has been forcing the health care industry to take responsibility for the security and control of your personal health information (PHI) by requiring the protection of data from exposure and unauthorized access. This includes verbal communications via the phone, at the nurse’s station, the management and storage of any documents held at the facility, disposing of medical wristbands and empty prescription bottles etc. Hospitals, institutions, pharmaceutical retailers and health clinics face new legal requirements for the retaining, storing and...

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