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Healthcare Issues in the United States

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Explain how health is affected by behaviors, economics, and social structure.
Our health is affected by the factors: lifestyle and behavior. For instance, our personal decisions and behaviors might have big impact on health and the country’s economy. Lifestyle and health are directly connected regarding to practices like smoking (tobacco products), drinking (alcohol consumption), usage of illicit drugs, and sexual behavior.
Cigarette and alcohol consumption has been related with many illnesses including numerous types of cancers, brain function deterioration, and intestinal disorders, besides cirrhosis of the liver and cardiovascular disease. Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) such as gonorrhea, AIDS, syphilis, and high levels of infertility, cancer, and other complications are results of bad sexual behavior (Williams & Torrens 2008).
Social and economic structure have as consequence for the decision making and patterns of behavior: violent crime, to global social dysfunction, besides many other untoward consequences likewise vehicular accidents, workplace injuries, divorce, poor job performance, poor fetal outcomes associated with fetal alcohol syndrome, spousal and child abuse are also common (Williams & Torrens 2008).
Furthermore, economics and social structures affect health in the sense that a person’s ability to access quality healthcare in a timely manner is affected by whether that person can afford to pay health insurance or pay cash on his or her own and that person’s willingness to seek medical help when they believe they need it. These factors are influenced by a person’s income level, education, societal status – married or unmarried - and psychological characteristic such as his/her believe system, also among other things, which have a correlation with his/her social structure.
Describe the three stages of medical technology development.

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