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Cyber-crime by definition is any harmful act committed from or against a computer or network, it differs according to McConnell International, “from most terrestrial crimes in four ways: they are easy to learn how to commit, they require few resources relative to the potential damages caused, they can be committed in a jurisdiction without being physically present in it and fourthly, they are often not clearly illegal.”

Another definition given by the Director of Computer Crime Research Centre (CCRC) during an interview on the 27th April, 2004, is that “cyber-crime (‘computer crime’) is any illegal behavior directed by means of electronic operations that targets the security of computer systems and the data processed by them.” In essence, cyber-crime is crime committed in a virtual space and a virtual space is fashioned in a way that information about persons, objects, facts, events, phenomena or processes are represented in mathematical, symbol or any other way and transferred through local and global networks

From the above, we can deduce that cyber crime has to do with wrecking of havoc on computer data or networks through interception, interference or destruction of such data or systems. It involves committing crime against computer systems or the use of the computer in committing crimes.

There are many reasons why cyber-criminals commit cyber-crime, chief among them are these three listed below:
 Cyber crimes can be committed for the sake of recognition. This is basically committed by youngsters who want to be noticed and feel among the group of the big and tough guys in the society. They do not mean to hurt anyone in particular; they fall into the category of the Idealists; who just want to be in spotlight.
 Another cause of cyber-crime is to make quick money. This group is greed motivated…...

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