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Hearing Loss in Ipods

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Hearing Loss: An Increasing Problem

Today’s youth have adopted a lifestyle revolving around technology. More and more teens and young adults have their own laptop computers, video game systems, and digital music players. The latter of which is causing an outcry from many experts. Hearing loss is more common than ever before with about 16% of Americans affected (Blue). Cranking up to volume on a music player for too long can have undesired consequences, most notably being premature hearing loss. Hearing loss resulting from listening to MP3 players too loudly is becoming an increasing problem among young adults and teenagers. Listeners need to turn down the volume on their devices if they want to save their hearing.

Hearing loss in relation to music is a relatively new condition. Declining prices of MP3 players and the huge success of Apple’s IPod has put earbuds in an increasing number of American’s pockets, making the number of potential people exposed to loud music higher than ever before. The IPod can be the most dangerous of all music devices due to the design of its earbuds. Since the bud is directly in the ear, it has a stronger effect on hearing. At 80% of the maximum volume, it is safe to listen to IPods for only just over an hour per day. Compare this to over the ear headphones which can be safely listened to for almost 5 hours at the same volume level. Special sound-isolating headphones are a rapidly growing technology as well. These headphones keep all background noises out and all of the music in. Headphones that isolate music are safe for only 50 minutes a day (Hitti). In general, music is best listened to in a quiet place because the user is more likely to keep the volume lower. A general rule to follow would be to keep volume levels at or below 70% of the maximum level (Norton).

N-IHL, noise induced hearing loss, is a type of hearing...

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