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Heart and Mind to Life and School

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Heart and Mind to Life and School

Personal responsibility may be defined in variety of ways depending on one’s lifestyle. In my case, personal responsibility is defined through the accomplishment of a loving family, foundation of a solid work environment, and generation of positive results in school. It is always difficult to start a new milestone in life, especially during the time when one has become a husband, a new father, and an entrepreneur. It is more challenging to transition to the school schedule which requires self-discipline, motivation, and dedication. Family, friends and spouse play a major role in one’s life when an individual decides to take a big step in achieving an educational goal.
Dedication is the most common goal when comparing personal responsibility to college success. In both cases, one should devote their effort, energy and drive to accomplish the most possible. In addition, an individual who shows great enthusiasm when setting new goals would also attempt to create a preliminary plan to accomplish them.
My preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in my education is the following:
1. Establishing a network of new and existing friends with similar goals and responsibilities
2. Involving my spouse to fully support the objectives and duties set forth by the latter creating a stress-free environment, providing ideas, and proof reading some term papers, if needed
3. Creating a self-disciplined environment in which I can be focused, energized, and open-minded to the assignments given
4. Showing a pro-active approach in starting and finishing each assignment in a timely manner
5. Continuing to build positive relationship with school peers as well as professors
Overall, balancing life, work and school is not an easy task. After a long break since last class, it takes a lot of effort and self-discipline to transition to a new routine of my educational life style. Personal responsibility plays a big role when attempting to succeed in school, as well. Attributes such as dedication, drive and self-energy are necessary to stay focused. By prioritizing studies until I graduate will ensure a prosperous future for myself where I can provide the best for my family, be a great example to my son, and apply the lessons I learned in school to my business.

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