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Heart Break Short Story

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Heart breaks. Unforgiveness. Cold heart her heart beats filled with many thoughts and questions about this strong word. Mind aches, restless eyes. Cold feet shivers. Just at the thought of it her body reacts, affliction with the memorable reminder of her first love. She pulls out her music player to listen and shut out, a pair of headphones to plug in, Lil Uzi, Kanye west, anything to take her mind away, to fill a void, to interest. Would her world be very different if she truly loved, without being cold and ruthless, and a mindset of forgiveness?
This is my deepest feeling “LOVE”. It has been attached with me since my first heartbreak and will abide until my ultimate inhalation. It populates my soul, taking over my character and my dignity.
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“Stop before you get hurt” it uttered you’re only going to embarrass yourself.” So lost in my arrogance, never dispersing from under this rock of my life... “No one will ever love you, you’ll never find love, “it anticipated as it bloomed massively. Therefore, I became so cold, not even giving love a second chance, even the love of the ones close to me. “You’ll never thrive if you don’t learn to love. You’re not who someone wants to love,” it afflicted. Love is the root of happiness; those were the two things I knew would never exist in my lifetime. Happiness said to me that if I just love I‘d see better days and the world would not let me down if I give them a chance. Love told me that if I accept who I am the world would accept me. Unforgiveness and neglect sprouted and developed to immerse to the rest of my body, unveiling themselves through sensuality. Sometimes love contracted from my blood to flow precisely. It made my body become weak; eyes began to glisten clear with tears, and my hands sweating with nervousness. Unforgiveness and neglect began drinking the soul out of me. Somewhere gaping, underneath the stress, worrisome, doubt, and trepidation. Victoria concealed. Victoria’s feelings, happiness, smile, love were imprisoned deep inside neglect and unforgiveness, which have thrived vastly in order to impediment out Victoria. Finally, she began to fight back. As Victoria aimed retrieving strength, she flourished. Whenever neglect told me to doubt. Victoria learned to be confident. When unforgiveness told me I’m worthless, Victoria taught me to forgive seventy times seven, when shame told me to stand behind, Victoria taught me to never let other people’s opinion conflict me of who I really

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