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Heat Treatment

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The heat treatment report contained within these pages is the result of a lab practical where two samples, ‘as is’ and ‘quenched’, are tested for hardness using the Vickers method. The data obtained from these samples was, ‘as is’ HV204.9 and ‘quenched’ 472.0’. This quantified data has been analysed and discussed. Comparisons of this data have been made, and have led to a conclusion, that is clearly visible with scrutinising. This conclusion shows us that the hardening of a suitably high in carbon steel by the method of quenching is an extremely efficient method. Further testing would be recommended.

Table of contents
Aim: 2
Introduction: 2
Method: 2
Results: 3 Table 1 Graph 1 Graph 2

The aim of this practical is to compare and contrast the mechanical properties of a high carbon steel in two conditions. These are quenched and as delivered.

Please refer to the class handout attached as ‘Appendix 1’.

Please refer to the class handout attached as ‘Appendix 1’.

The results of this Lab Practical on heat treatment provides an informative and clear result. The two samples tested, ‘as is’ and ‘quenched’, and the data obtained from the testing of these two samples, clearly demonstrate the differences between a heat treated object and a non-heat treated object.
This data will be used to make two comparisons:
Firstly, the results from the Vickers Hardness Test will be looked at and a comparison made. By looking at ‘table 1’ and ‘graph 1’, this allows us to see that the ‘quenched’ sample has a higher reading in HV of 267.1, compared to the ‘as is’ sample.


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