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Heath and Saftey in Work Place

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Health and Safety Infirmary MGT431

Health and Safety Infirmary/Clinic Proper health and safety protection for both inmates as well as medical personnel should be taking seriously at all times. The Eighth Amendment deals with the ban of cruel and unusual punishment. This gives convicted inmates rights to the proper treatment of health and conditions of a safe environment. Therefore, inmates trust in the prisons infirmary/clinic to take care of these needs. The issue in maintaining the proper health and safety for both inmates and nursing personnel is failure in proper staffing. The facilities have opened rooms and usually provide enclosed rooms to those with severe medical and mental issues. This opens the opportunity for breach of safety for those involved. Though the facilities usually have protected entrances and exits to avoid escape from the clinic itself; this same protection process may make it difficult for correctional officers to help out in an arising threat within the infirmary. Correctional officers do not accompany the nursing staff within the infirmary, but do keep close distance through monitored surveillance from close quarters. Infirmary health and safety issues vary throughout the many prisons. An example of serious violations goes to findings from an investigation completed at the Wyoming State Penitentiary (WSP). During a tour of the prison several noticeable issues were presented. The list of medical care concerns consist of improper professional documented credentials, misdiagnosis, improper distribution of medication, failure to document procedures, neglect of treatment, etc. This facility’s number of issues creates serious problems with those who possess serious chronic diseases such as HIV, diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Sometimes these inmates did not receive...

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