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Pricing and Distribution Strategy
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The two products that I have not tried, but would like to try are The Venus Factor and Lyrica. I have been battling with my weight for years now and this diet looks simple and interesting. I have diabetes and have neuropathy in my feet, this is why I would like to try Lyrica. The Venus Factor is formulated to help woman lose weight. It is harder for women to lose weight than what it is for men to lose weight. Because of John’s sister Lisa he did a lot of research on why it was harder for women to lose their weight than what it was for men to lose weight. His sister had a baby and tried to lose weight, she tried diet after diet and nothing worked for her. She would lose weight and then gain back double of what she lost. So John did the research and found a way for women to lose weight and keep it off while still eating the same foods. In John Barban’s research he found a hormone that controls 100% of your body’s ability to burn fat, which is Leptin. When you have high levels of leptin it speeds up your metabolism and signals your body to burn fat and when you have low levels of leptin it slows down your metabolism and signals your body to store fat. Women have naturally twice as much of the fat burning leptin in their bodies compared to men. Women are 3 times less responsive to leptin’s signal to burn fat than men. Women have a leptin resistance which means that even though they have more leptin than men they are just not using it to its fat burning potential. If you have squishy, cottage cheese looking fat in your problem areas this is a sign of leptin resistance. This is what his diet and exercise plan are all about, targeting the problem areas and keeping the weight off when you lose it. As for Lyrica, I am a diabetic and have tried other neuropathy drugs that I was either allergic to or they did not work. Lyrica is for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, diabetic nerve pain, spinal cord injury with nerve pain, pain from shingles and partial onset of seizures in adults. Lyrica can help with the pain in as little as one week. For me I would try Lyrica to see if helps my feet any. I have shooting, burning, and pins and needles pain in both of my feet which may be caused for nerve damage from my diabetes. I also have other feet problems so if I try Lyrica and it works then we will know that the pain in my feet is caused from diabetic nerve damage. Nerve pain is a unique type of pain that is different from other kinds of pain, such as a headache or sprained ankle. People who have uncontrolled blood sugars are at a higher risk of getting the nerve damage in their hands and feet than someone who has controlled their diabetes. Over time with uncontrolled blood sugar levels this caused permanent damage to the nerves. There are more than 25 million Americans that are diagnosed with diabetes. So with that being said this is why you see more adds on the television, in magazines and on the internet about Lyrica. They want to get the information out there to help the people that have nerve pain so that they can get some relief from the pain. The type of buying decision for The Venus Factor would be a habitual buy. This is where the consumer does not evaluate their choice even after they purchase the product. The buying process involves brand beliefs or testimonials formed by passive learning. Then it is followed by purchase behavior which may or may not be followed by evaluation. The buy is not committed to any brand, they use price and sales promotion to stimulate product trial. With The Venus Factor there are many pictures and videos to support the product from people who have tried and used with success the product. Whereas, Lyrica would be a routine buy. If Lyrica works for your pain and you are liking the effects of the product you will keep getting prescriptions for the medicine and buy it on a regular basis. It is something that has to be taken on a regular basis every day to get the full benefits of the drug. If I try it and I am happy with the Lyrica then I will get three months of the prescription at a time to get a savings from my insurance, but to start out I will only get a one month supply to make sure that I am not allergic to it and to make sure it is going to work for me. For these products to better serve the target market The Venus Factor could give a little bit more information on what types of food can be eaten. It does say in the article that you can eat your regular food but can you eat everything or are you limited it does not specify this. It also comes with workout videos but what kind of workouts are they. Are they something that every age group can do, or if you have other medical problems let’s say with you back are you going to be able to keep up and do all of the workouts that are designed to be done to help you lose weight. None of this is discussed in the ad or in any of the videos. With Lyrica is this something that you can become immune to if you take this drug for a while, can you become addicted to this prescription like you can with so many other types of medicines. These are some questions that could be addressed in their ads. I do not like taking any kind of prescription that you can become addicted to. I see to many people with this problem. I know that the nerve pain is a permanent thing but do you have to keep taking this medicine for the rest of your life or will it build up in your system and allow to stop taking it for a while. These are all questions that could be addressed in both of the products that I chose.

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