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Heatlh Pattern: the Taylor Family

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Elizabeth Grace
1.) What do the letters P.R.I.C.E stand for & explain each? * P=protect the injured part * R=rest the injured part * I=ice the injured part(15 to 20mintues) * C=compress the injured part * E=elevate the injured part
2.) Describe the F.I.T.T principles? * F=frequency * I=intensity * T=time * T=type
3.) Why is calcium important to your body? * Calcium is important to your body because it makes you bones and teeth strong.
4.) Name 2 eating disorders & explain each? * Anorexia- is overly concerned with weigh gain. * Bulimia-eats large amounts & then trough's it up
5.) List 4 speaking skills a good communicator uses?
Speaking Receiving think then speak listen actively use "I" messages ask questions make clean & simple statements mirror thoughts & feelings be honest with thoughts and feelings use appropriate body language use appropriate body language wait your turn
6.) T.A.L.K is resolving conflicts through negotiation, describes each letter? * T=take time out * A=allow each person to tell his or her side * L= let each person ask questions * K= keep brainstorming

7.) List 3 of the 5 character traits? * trustworthiness * respect * responsibility * fairness * caring * citizenship
8.) What are 2 strategies for expressing emotions healthfully & how might they affect your social health? * Engage in physical activity. This can help tension. * Create something, such as a drawing or poem.
9.) List the 6 steps of the Decision making process? * State the situation * list the options...

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