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Heaven on Earth


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Luis Bernhardt

Heaven On Earth?

Have you ever been to a place that is so foreign, but undeniably beautiful. Beautiful enough to stop anyone in their tracks and ask “is this real life?” Or even experiencing an epiphany just by what meets the eyes. A question of “pitch me, I must be dreaming” is among some of the common words said by those who is not a normal resident of the heavenly lands of Valldemossa, which is one city of Majorca, its Realm of the gods and goddesses. Reachable only by boat or plane this island has a pitch perfect moment around every corner, hill, and door. It’s as if the gods’ themselves designed this sunny wonderland as a vacation home. With Intricate patterns of mountains, valleys, and vegetation that nearly engulfs the entirety of the land. Coastal scenery, and hill side villages that give off a 13th century appearance but the architecture perseveres the history but also gives has modernized manifestation. Valldemossa gave me an experience of a lifetime. Appealing to all senses- the history, landscape, and food played a roll into the experience The land of the heavens, also known as Valldemossa is put on par with the divines for many different reasons’. One, is the luxurious landscape- mountains emboss the earths crust giving the land characteristics, such as the haze grey mountains were an expressed feeling from the earth itself. Continuing on, the mountains towered in groups as if they’re standing a post, watching, and keeping guard for troubles that lurks along the ocean’s horizon. The luscious vegetation filled the landscape, and skirted the contour of the mountains- as if it was water filling the volume of the available space. Or better yet a
Bernhardt page 2. blanket that covers the mountains and its surroundings keeping them warm through the winter season. Although its the winter season, when the temperature drops and leaves fall but, in this magical place the leaves seem to keep their lush green color. Maintaining the chlorophyll the leaves need to produce the pale green that we see. It’s as if the divines blessed all vegetation and all landscape with ever-lasting beautiful resembling celestial matter, in the world we know beyond our own galaxy. There-more, Valldemossa is extremely rich in culture and a history the name itself comes fro the Moors name for the town- Musa Valley. The Islamists were rulers of Mallorca for 300 years the towns characteristics speaks for itself, just by walking down the villages streets that are made from blonde stone, along with the houses’ many of the houses have a religious symbol, the Mallorca patron saint- Saint Catalina Thomas, which Valldemossa is where she was born this is one of the many traditions set years ago. This rural town n the mountains of west Majorca have a 13th century monastery (The Real Cartuja) which has ties with the polish composer Frederic Chopin who lived in the rural town in winter 1838-39. The monastery was dressed with stained windows and meticulous art on the ceiling. Originally the Carthusian monastery was founded as a royal residence but then changed in 1399. The common language used by the local population is Spanish. The people themselves are blessed, beautiful people walk the streets very friendly and helpful

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