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Hector Beverages

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To study the product strategy followed by Hector Beverages in beverages category to achieve a position of dominance in the target market.

Group 2
Beverage Industry : An overview

Beverages is a $230 million industry in India

Industry is further classified as carbonated drinks, fruit drinks and energy drinks

Indian soft drink market is expected to be the fastest growing global market

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are leaders in the soft drink segment

Red Bull dominant in the energy drinks segment
Beverage Industry : An overview

Consumers have started to be more inclined towards healthier options

Fruit Drinks segment expected to grow in the future

Industry giants customizing products by focusing more on nutritional values
Porter’s 5 Forces : Beverage Industry
Porter’s 5 Forces : Beverage Industry
Hector Beverages : An overview
FMCG company in the functional beverages industry

Launched by former Coca Cola executives Neeraj Biyani, Neeraj Kakkar, Suhas Mishra and James Nutall

Launched its first energy drink Tzinga in 2011

Entered the non energy drink segment with Paperboat
Market Offering
Product Features and Quality
Sells classic Indian drinks in hygienic and attractive plastic pouches, and also the energy drink Tzinga
Wide range of drinks such as chilled rasam, aamras, jaljeera

Marketing campaigns equate the brand with childhood memories thus creating a sense of nostalgia
Strong brand perception of Paperboat as pure and innocent

Products Offered
Marketing Mix : 4 P’s

Paperboat : Nostalgia Marketing

Tzinga : Taking the Bull by its horns
Red bull is the dominant market leader in the energy drinks category

Tzinga is priced at Rs. 25 compared to Red Bull at Rs. 95 for the same quantity

Taking advantage of import duty on competitor brands…...

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