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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. User interface Client Class Add list and display all Find and display Update client Sorted list

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SISAT School of Information System and Technology Faculty of Informatics ISIT114 Object Oriented Programming Lab Assignment 4 Spring Session 2014

 To practice solving problems using windows forms.  To be able to use interfaces.  To practice writing solutions to problems in a clear and succinct way.

This lab assignment is based on a scenario for clients that maintain simple bank accounts i.e. only have a credit account and a savings account. Information of a client as follows: - name - suburb - credit a/c balance - saving a/c balance You are required to create a windows form based program. Define a Client class that include attributes, a constructor that sets all attributes and properties. Write code to add client records to a list and display them. Note unique names must be enforced. Write code so the total overall balances for clients from a particular suburb can be shown. The user will need to be able to enter a suburb to do this. Extend your program so a client’s details can be updated. Add a tick box control labelled “Sort by name”, so a user can change the order of client records from the initial order, to a name order. That is, when the user ticks the “Sort by name”, records are sorted into clients whose names with starting with “A…” first and names that starting with “Z ..” last. When the user un-ticks the box, the client records return to their original order. You will need to extend your Client class so that it implements an IComparable interface.

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