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Heineken and the 2022 World Cup

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HeRunning Head: Heineken moving into Qatar

Heineken moving into Qatar before the 2022 FIFA World Cup to gain the major beer sponsorship
Anthony Colaluca
Southern New Hampshire University

Table of Contents
Heineken Background: Past and Present

Information about Qatar

Risks and Opportunities for Heineken to consider

Cultural Differences between the Netherlands and Qatar

Entry Strategy into Qatar

Recommendations for Heineken setting up an operation in Qatar

World sporting events bring people together throughout the globe to one location for the event. These events happen usually every four years and bring the host country great tourism and added income. One world sporting event in particular, FIFA World Cup, happens every four years and is one the best attended world sporting event. FIFA has decided to award the 2020 World Cup to the country of Qatar, the first Middle East nation to host such an event. Big events like the World Cup have major sponsors that are able to advertise their name to millions of fans attends and even more watching throughout the world.
One of the major sponsors and marketing affiliates of the World Cup is beer. A major beer company that has the potential to be a sponsor for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is Heineken. However Heineken currently does not have an operation set up in Qatar and needs to look into this idea to help it stand a chance to gain the major beer sponsorship for this worldwide event. We will be looking at what Heineken has to do to set up operation in Qatar before the 2022 World Cup to have that opportunity to be the major beer sponsor of this event.
Heineken is a beer company that is headquartered in Amsterdam and is over 150 years old. It was the first and still remains the only truly global beer company and is enjoyed in over 178 countries. They are the one number brewer in Europe and third...

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