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Heineken – Desperados
Concerning media use and marketing strategy, Heineken is a leader in the market. Heineken attempts to market its beer as ‘gentleman’s beer’ with premium quality (Incitrio, 2014). Videos of this ‘Man of the World’ can not only be seen during television commercials, but also on the social media platforms (e.g. the ‘Open Your World’ platform). Moreover, Heineken uses striking actions in order to promote a global message through local channels, also known as viral trending. An example is the ‘Voyage’ campaign with the ‘Departure Roulette’ at the JFK airport in New York: a flight paid by Heineken to an unknown destination (Epstein, 2014). To conclude it can be stated that Heineken has very adaptive marketing strategies easily go along with trends in marketing, channels and platforms.
With de Speer Desperados, tequila flavoured beer, Heineken targets a specific audience. The ‘lager with an edge’ is targeted at drinkers from 18 to 24 years old attending festivals (Gray, n.d.). To market Desperados, Heineken aims at spreading the brand by provoking word of mouth and using sensory marketing.

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