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Helath and Social Care

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Legislation is, ‘’Law which has been promulgated (or "enacted") by a governing body’’ or ’’ The process through which statutes are enacted by a legislative body that is established and empowered to do so,’’ as defines by . A Policy is a statement of agreed intent that clearly and unequivocally sets out an organisations’ views with respect to a particular matter. It is a set of principles or rules that provide a definite direction for an organisation. A Procedure or Practice is a clear step-by-step method for implementing an organisations’ policy or responsibility. Procedures describe a logical sequence of activities or processes that are to be followed to complete a task or function in a correct and consistent manner There are curent and relevant legislation and organisation practice and policies procedure affecting partnership working in health and social care: Equality Act 2010, Care Standard Act 2000, Disability Discrimination Act 2005. Equality Act 2010 is the law that was enacted to prevent different types of discrimination, such as direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation and harassment. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc (January 13) described Care Standards Act 2000 (CSA) as an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which provides for the administration of a variety of care institutions, including children's homes, independent hospitals, nursing homes and residential care homes. The CSA, which was enacted in April 2002, replaces the Registered Homes Act 1984 and parts of the Children Act 1989, which pertain to the care or the accommodation of children. The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA), as originally enacted, contained provisions making it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person in relation to employment, the provision of goods, facilities and services, and the disposal and management of premises. It also…...

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...Survey is expected to provide information on the availability and utilization of services at District Hospital (DH), Community Health Centre (CHC), and Primary Health Centre (PHC) and Sub Centre (SC) level. Health care is the expression of concern which one individual has for fellow human being. Health system intends to deliver health services. Aim of health system is to develop health of the individual and community as a whole. India’s Public Health System is a three tier system namely Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level of health care. Primary Health Care is to provide preventive, curative & promotive services to the community. Common and simple ailments are taken care of at that level only. Primary Health Centre and Sub-Centre function at this level. Secondary Health Care is to provide curative and specialized care to the community as well as works as first referral centre for PHC and Sub-Centre. Community Health Centre, SubDivisional Hospital, District-Hospital function as secondary level of health care. Tertiary Health Care is to provide super specialized as well as comprehensive services to the community for the complex ailments. Medical college and apex center function as tertiary Centre Primary Health Care Secondary Health Care Tertiary Health Care Sub-Centre Primary Health Centre Community health Centre District Hospital Medical College Apex Centre 3 Every district is expected to have a District Hospital linked with public hospitals, health......

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