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Human Resource Management Rules
Brittney Coad
HCS 341
September 24, 2012
Gina Drake

Human Resource Management Rules
The human resource department is the most important department with in any organization. The human resource department is in charge of everything in an organization. This department is put together to keep the organization on top and running smoothly. The human resource department is in charge of payroll, hiring new employees, giving out promotions, they also train new employees, and they are in charge of lying off and firing. So without the human resource department in organizations then the organization will fail. All organizations need a backbone to stay up and running.
The most vital part in health care is the management in the human resource. According to "Becoming A Hospital Human Resource Manager" (2012), “Effective human resources management plays a crucial role in the success of health care systems. Proper management of human resources is vital in the recruitment and retention of clinical and non-clinical staff, maintain staff morale, providing opportunities for professional development, and in the ability of health care organization to deliver quality health care services and improve patient health outcomes.” The human resource department has many challenges to oversee on a day to day basis. This is why there is special training and certain schooling to go through to understand the day to day job of a human resource worker and to know what to do in any given situation. The workers at the top of the human resource department are the managers; these are people that over see everyone and are in charge of everyone. They are there to give directions so other employees understand what is expected of them.
Another challenge for management in the human resource department is environmental challenges. According Gomez-mejia, Balkin, and...

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