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Universal Healthcare For America

The healthcare system in America has been an ongoing debate for many years.

President Obama has just passed a bill to Americans that will provide healthcare for many that

are uninsured but it is still not the single payer they have in Canada, and many other European

countries. The Current system of healthcare companies has deprived many Americans of

important medical needs for profit. Pre-existing conditions and outrageous monthly premiums

are just some of the measures they input for ongoing profit. Universal Healthcare in America

should be mandated because it will eliminate health insurance companies that only look for

profit and it will also show the world that Americans consider healthcare not as a privilege but

as a right.

Health insurance companies have benefited tremendously from the current system of

healthcare from record profits and hefty bonuses to their chairmen. To give you a few examples

, Ronald A. Williams from Athena received 23,045,835 in compensation, H. Edward Hanway

Mahimda 2

Cigna 25,839,777, and Dale B. Wolf from Covernity received 14,869,823(Ricciardelli). These

hefty salaries were all made possible because these companies denied medical care to their

members because of a pre-existing condition.” A pre –existing condition can be something

as common or as serious as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and

asthma”(Bihari). Denying someone lifesaving chemotherapy just because they have asthma is

cruel and immoral. “A study shows that 45,000 die each year because of no insurance and

Harvard medical school researches say one person dies every 12 minutes because of no

insurance and lack of good care”(Colmes). Every death that is caused...

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