Helen Keller

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She was a great woman that overcame great obstacles in a time period where women, especially those considered disabled, were put into mental hospitals. When she was 18 months old she suffered from Scarlet Fever, which left her blind and deaf. Her articulate speech was gone as well. With these disabilities she also had problems with relationships. She never had children or got married. Her greatest confidant was her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Ms. Keller commented on her relationship on Peter Fagan. He had proposed marriage, But left after he thought of his life with someone who was totally dependent on him. (Keller: A Life)

She needed to become triumphant her adversities. She learned to talk passably and dance. Once she opened her mind she became a happy participant of the world. She graduated from Radcliffe University. She became an artful writer and a crusading humanitarian. She also revolutionized the educational techniques and methods of teaching for the blind and deaf.

Of course, Helen needed a driving force, and someone to help her find her full potential. This is where Anne Sullivan came into her life. Helens parents went through a lot of networking and doctors to find Anne. Anne herself was partially blind and learned at the Perkins Institute how to communicate with children that were deaf and blind. She used sign language while touching the hand of the student. But their start was not an easy one. “The Miracle Worker” is a movie that showed this portion of their lives. It showed the difficulties of both the Teacher and Student. They both had to overcome their fears the fears and struggles. Helen expressed herself through Anne until 1936, when Anne died. There were others that followed Anne. But none were as close to her as Anne was.

Helens motivation was having a Type “A” Personality. Even as a child she was…...