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Hell night is an American independent horror film that is about four college students that must spend the night in a haunted mansion, which is rumor to be haunted. It is also rumored that there is a deformed maniac that terrorizes sorority students and many are found to be missing. The film is found to be a fan favorite and it has a large cult audience. The film opens up and there is one character named Peter Bennett, who is the president of the Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity, decides to pledge four pledges who are Marti, Jeff, Seth and Denise. The four pledges must spend the night at the haunted location of Garth Manor till dawn as part of the initiation. Peter along with a large group of college students bring along everyone together and he tells everyone about the history of Garth Manor and how twelve years earlier Raymond Garth strangled his wife Lillian to death. After Raymond strangled his wife, he decides to murder three of his four children. Legend has it that Raymond and Lillian Garth’s youngest child Andrew witnessed the whole incident. Police never found the body of Andrew. Andrew is rumored to be still living in Garth Manor mansion. After the four pledges get set up in the haunted Garth Manor mansion, they hear strange noises such as mechanical devices and sound effects to sound them until they are murdered one by one quickly by an unknown assailant. This 1981 film has a great likable characters, scary musical score, original cinematography, and it is a must see.

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