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Functional Requirements: 1. Incident Identification and Incident Logging
Incidents can be any failure or interruption to an IT service. A service call can be created from
- Web Interface
- User Phone Call
- Email Technician Staff

2. Incident Categorization
Incidents can be organized with three levels of categorization - Category, Subcategory and Item. The incidents can be assigned to these categories depending upon the failure that is reported and can be automatically routed to the appropriate support engineer.

3. Automatic Dispatch of Incidents.
Business rule criteria can be created based on the pattern of failure. The incidents will be automatically assigned to technicians, categories and levels.

4. Incident Prioritization
- Predefined Prioritization
Define the priority based on the impact and urgency of the incident. System can then automatically assign the priorities based on Predefined prioritization.
- Dynamic Prioritization
Allow technician to assign the priority manually or to override the values set by the priority matrix.

5. Incident Diagnosis
Searching the existing workarounds or solution from the KnowledgeBase and getting back to the users immediately with the resolution.

6. Incident Escalations
When the first-level support is unable to resolve the incident, the incident can be assigned to the second-level support. The incident will be escalated to the third-level support when the second-level support is not able to resolve it within the due by time.

7. Knowledge Base Library
After identifying the issue and resolving the incident, the resolution provided by the supporting staff will be added in the Knowledge Base Library.

8. Incident Closure
- Manual Closure
Other than closing the incident by supporting staff, system should have an option of providing user to close the incident. System should contain closure

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