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Help for Writing an Advertising Thesis

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Help For Writing an Advertising Thesis

Advertising is a form of communication, so the basic rules that apply to writing a communication thesis will also apply to an advertising thesis.
However, since advertising is a very large sector, your selection of a topic for writing a thesis has to be done with care. You can do the selection in one of two ways:
You can choose a product topic, which is the easier option. Just choose a product from a certain region and plan an advertising campaign around it to incorporate in your advertising thesis.
You can select an industry topic. For this, you have to prepare a thesis statement on a particular topic related to the industry or on an advertising tool.
To write a good thesis statement, you have to remember that advertising is not an academic field but a professional one. The industry parameters will have to be thoroughly researched and considered before you finalize your argument for writing your advertising thesis.
Next, you will get down to tackling your chosen topic. If you have gone in for the first option, i.e, you have chosen a product topic, the following steps will make the job easy for you:
You have to decide on the product or the service you wish to advertise. Next, carry out market research and write out your product’s attributes, focal points and unique selling proposition. Then finalize your agenda: what are the targets, objectives and markets you wish to make an inroad into?
You have to select your advertisement medium; choose as many mediums as you want to but prepare a separate campaign plan for each of the medium you select. Work out how you will reach your target customers through these advertisements.
Next you have to decide on your advertising strategy: which will be your market, what will be the positioning of your product or service before the target customers and also in the product segment?...

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