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Culture shock is a problem we face up to every day, especially when we travel abroad. Culture shock is precipitated by the anxiety results from losing all the familiar signs and symbols of the social intercourse. To deal with this, we should find out the reason for ir and understand how it is influence our lives.Misunderstanding native languages including body languages or being unfamiliar with new food are responsible for the culture shock. When you visit a foreign country, you will find it difficult to understand the language, even when you know the language, that makes you buzzled. Some people use slangs so you can't look them up in the dictionary to get the real meaning, For instance, when you are in Vietnam, you will hear a man say something like" ong noi may day" when they want to threat or play a joke. "ong noi may day" does not mean "grandfather" but just means "I". Besides, food is also an important element attributed to the culture shock. My friend, who is studying in German told me that the first time she came there, she couldn't eat cheese or pizza, that made her lose 5 kilos in 1 month.And what is effects of these problems? Misunderstanding the languages makes you confused so much. For example, when Westerners visit Vietnam, they may feel disturbed when hear "what are you doing?" or "Where are you going?". Indeed, these sentences are just "Hi" or "good morning"...And the strange food sometimes makes you suffer from intestinal disturbance, especially when you taste tropical food. These may lead you to stress if you don't know how to deal.Nevertheless, it's not so difficult to solne these problems. Please try to understand and get acquainted with host customs and food. Instead of complaint, you should adjust yourself to the new environment. Become friendly with native people, get used to with new food will make you feel more comfortable and cosy.In conclusion, culture shock should always be studied carefully so that people can feel easier to adjust to new enviroment and haven't to

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