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Operation Action Now - Statement of Work
Marketing Manager:
Marketing Team:
Sponsor: TBD
Revision History
Revision date Revised by Description of change Original document Update Update Purpose
Using guerrilla, grass roots, viral, and word of mouth marketing to grow the volunteer pool for the Company name, as well as, raising awareness of donation and sales opportunities while keeping marketing costs to an absolute minimum.
Major marketing plan activities
Assess current marketing strategies and effectiveness
Create a fast and furious guerrilla marketing campaign
Start a grass roots campaign throughout City churches and civic communities
Create a video and release for viral marketing to stimulate conversation about our purpose
Use individuals gathered through our survey to help spread our message
Request donations for marketing materials (paper, ink, t-shirts, etc.)
Out of scope activities that are critical to the success of the project
Involvement of church groups and affiliated organizations is crucial for the success of this campaign, however, we will rely on survey individuals to assist in this activity
Statement of intent for the marketing campaign
Non-Profit Volunteer and Donate Survey distribution
Market research via survey analysis
Marketing video for release via social networking
Guerrilla marketing supplies received via donations
Printing and distributing guerilla marketing materials
30/60/90 day analysis of effectiveness of marketing campaign through volunteer numbers Volunteer experience report
Cost Estimates
Initial investment of $5,000.00
Plus a percent based fee for services related to increase in sales and volunteers using this formula:
1% increase in sales = $100
1% increase in volunteers = $25
Schedule Overview
Estimated Marketing Plan Completion Date: September 2013
Major Milestones
Survey data analysis
Completion of viral video
Presentation to company name stakeholders
Distribution of guerrilla marketing package
Distribution of video
30/60/90 day analysis completed
Volunteer experience report completed
External Milestones Affecting the Project
Receiving buy in from church group involvement (see out of scope)
Marketing video distribution becoming viral Impact of Late Delivery
Late delivery will impact the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and delay in boosting of volunteer numbers.
First day of operations, contact Churches and community organizations, Helping Handz will ask to present information and flyers to all members of these organization. We will continue to contact these organizations throughout the campaign.
Immediately after the survey has been analyzed Helping Handz will do the following:
Start 3 Guerrilla marketing campaigns
1) Helping Handz will start by having volunteers use chalk and draw arrows on the ground with words of encouragement like “Help is Close”, “Hope is here”, “leading to change”, etc. There will be a minimum of 25 arrows, all arrows will run for at least 2 city blocks and lead to the company name or the words company name. The Chalk lines will be placed after 12:00 am and be placed for 5 nights. Canvasing at all metro areas.
2) Two days after the chalk lines have started and two weeks before the video goes live we will use volunteers to start positive protests in front of company name stores and two high profile competitors.
a. The positive signs in front of company name buildings the picket signs will read “Wonderful People”, “They can Help”, “I’m in the Now” and others.
b. In front of the competitors the pickets will read “company name is MY”, “Donate time… company name”,
3) We will insert page like flyers in library books that are directly related to volunteerism and philanthropy. The page will be inserted at 70% through the book and read, “The End”…”The rest of this book represents the 30% of city that live below or at the federal poverty limit.” Please take time to volunteer or donate to your local company name “. Thank you.
Once the Guerrilla marketing has started Helping Handz will commence with the Grassroots program. Helping Handz will do the following:
1) Continue to develop and incorporate volunteers from churches and community organizations.
2) Have volunteer’s canvas local neighborhoods with flyers and inform households how, and why they should help the company name.
3) Helping Handz will facilitate in keeping volunteers engaged and enthused during the word of mouth grassroots project.
One week before the video goes online to U-tube Helping Handz will have volunteers project a preview, and/or the video on a minimum of 10 buildings with high pedestrian traffic. These video projections will include the company name web site, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, as well as the link to the video. The video will play for no more than 1hr per day for a total of one week. The video will be started at dusk on all locations.
Once the video has been online for one week, Helping Handz will hold a press release. We will invite local community leaders and others and give awards to those who have helped the company name in their cause. We will also give awards to the top 5 volunteers who have given.

Success metrics will be collected using the volunteer experience report data and reporting of company name data. Determination of video success will be determined using number of “hits” the video receives.
Completion Criteria
Overall buzz is generated for the ease and reward of volunteering at the company name
Rise in volunteer rates improves by 50%
YouTube marketing video gets 10,000 hits
Donations and sales increase by 20% from previous year (monthly averages)
Marketing video does not go viral
Volunteer, sales and donation rates, do not increase
Reputation of Helping Handz is impacted negatively
This marketing campaign will generate buzz and conversation about volunteering at the company name as well as boost volunteer numbers, increase overall sales and donations.
The guerrilla, grass roots, viral and word of mouth marketing will create a buzz about the ease and benefits of volunteering for the 0
The overall volunteer rates will increase by 50% within a 90 day period
The overall sales and donations will increase by a minimum of 20% for the city Metro Area

Stakeholder Analysis
Name & Role Major Responsibility or Contribution Marketing Manager, Team Leader, Graphic Design
Survey individuals company name Liaison, Director, Editor, Graphic Design Transportation, Consulting Consulting, Graphic Design Approve marketing plan Assist with guerrilla marketing
Chain of Command
Marketing Team
Sponsor: TBD
Customer Approval Chain
Marketing Contact
Team Member
Team Member

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