Helping Your Community

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Dr. Sherman
English 111
25 October 2012
Helping Your Community
In A School for My Village Twesigye Jackson Kaguri`s main idea is to do the best he can to give back to the people of his community in Nyakagyezi, Uganda. Firstly, Kaguri wants to help solve the HIV/AIDS pandemic that is spreading throughout Uganda. Secondly, Kaguri wants to help the orphans that have lost parents to this deadly disease, HIV/AIDS. Lastly, Kaguri wants to help all the people in his community by making a source for clean water. Having a source of clean renewable water in a community is the most important resource for its success. It is Kaguri`s plan to do the best of his ability to help the people in his community of Nyakagyezi through the Nyaka school.
Unfortunately this HIV/AIDS pandemic has been spreading like wild fire throughout Kaguri`s community. Kaguri says, “‘what is it you wish from me?’. . . ‘What can I do to end this suffering caused by HIV/AIDS’” (45)? Kaguri feels the effects HIV/AIDS can have detrimental effects on families. It has already taken the lives of three of his family members, and this has made Kaguri want to help his community deal with this issue even more. Kaguri`s idea is that if we have an educated generation of children in the community; then we can slow down the transfer of the deadly disease, and eventually exterminate it. So, Kaguri wants to put an end to all the horrible consequences caused by HIV/AIDS, and he wants to give better quality education; which the children currently lack.
Most importantly Kaguri starts to set his ideas into action. Kaguri writes, “We want to build a school for orphans” (53). During a trip to Uganda, Kaguri and his wife decide to build a school for the orphan children of Nyakagyezi. The two decide to use their combined savings to start planning and buy land for the school. They come back to the US and start a foundation…...