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Hemodialysis and Peritonial Dialysis

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Aims and Objectives
On the completion of the seminar students gain the knowledge regarding hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis and will utilize this knowledge with a positive attitude.
Specific Objectives
The group will able to; * Define dialysis * Describe the history of dialysis * Explain the principles of dialysis * Enumerate the indication of dialysis * Explain details about hemodialysis * Describe details about peritoneal dialysis * List down the Psychosocial Issues In ESRD Patients * Dietary Management Dialysis Patient * Nursing Responsibilities

Introduction The introduction of dialysis as a lifesaving treatment for kidney failure was not the result for any large scale research programme, rather it emerged from the activities of a new pioneering individuals who were able to utilize ideas, materials, and methods from a range of developing technologies.
Hemodialysis as a routine treatment for renal failure was introduced in the late 1970s. The recognition for the need for immunosuppression in the transplantation and the lack of availability of transplant in the 1960s enabled it to become the preferred treatment for many patients.
Dialysis is the movement of fluid and molecules across a semipermeable membrane from one compartment to another. Clinically dialysis is a technique in which substances move from the blood through a semipermeable membrane and in to a dialysis solution called dialysate.
Historical Evolution in the Field Of Dialysis * It was the romans first used a form of dialysis therapy by using hot bath to patients to remove urea. The action of the hot water made the patient sweat profusely and this, together with the toxins diffusing through the skin in to the bath water, would temporarily relives symptoms * In 1854 the first time the term dialysis was used by Thomas Graham...

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