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Note: The greater the number of positive responses, the greater the 16.
? person’s identification with a traditional heritage. The one exception to positive answers is the question about family name change. This may be answered negatively.
Is your spouse the same ethnic background as you (1) Yes
17. What kind of school did you go to? question may be answered negatively.
(1) Public
1. Where was your mother born? Bangladesh
18. As an adult, do you live in a neighborhood where the neighbors
2. Where was your father born? Bangladesh are the same religion and ethnic background as yourself?
3. Where were your grandparents born? No
(1) Your mother’s mother? Bangladesh 19. Do you belong to a religious institution?
(2) Your mother’s father? Bangladesh No
(3) Your father’s mother? Bangladesh
20. Would you describe yourself as an active member?
(4)Your father’s father? Bangladesh
4. How many brothers 5 and sisters 1 do you have?
21. How often do you attend your religious institution?
5. What setting did you grow up in? Urban As a Muslim woman, I pray at home.
6. What country did your parents grow up in?
Father Bangladesh 22. Do you practice your religion at home?
Mother Bangladesh (1) Yes
7. How old were you when you came to the United States? 49 (If yes, please specify)
(3) Praying _Yes (4) Bible reading Yes
8. How old were your parents when they came to the United
(5) Diet Yes (6) Celebrating religious holidays Yes
States? Mother 40
23. Do you prepare foods of your ethnic background?
9. When you were growing up, who lived with you? My brothers and my parents. Also, my uncles, aunts, cousins and all my relatives lived in one village.
(1) Yes
10. Have you maintained contact with
24. Do you participate in ethnic activities? a.
Aunts, uncles, cousins? (1) Yes
(1) Yes ____
Brothers and sisters? (1)...

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