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Heroes of Today and Yesterday

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Heroes of Today and Yesterday

Invincibility. Extreme strength. Super-speed. Flying. These describe the traits that the characters or “heroes” from yesterday and today are surrounded with. Mankind has used these heroes to describe the plight of man, and detailed their extravagant adventures I oral stories to help their society understand where we came from. Don Williams put it best saying, “Myths are, if you will, dreams created by whole societies -- they are extravagant metaphors for the patterns of our collective yearnings. In every age they take on the character of a search for something extraordinary, something beyond everyday life” (Williams, 1997). These myths were also used in societies way of providing hope, and symbolizing a light when things are at their worst or darkest. No matter the culture, all have created or expanded on a hero in order to make the hero’s plight intertwined with its intended audience. These heroes were used as moral compasses for society’s children in an attempt to get them to act in a way that was good and well behaved according to societal norms. The writers and creators of these heroes would humanize the heroes, giving them issues and problems similar to issues that the average person would handle, but on a much grander scale. Whether they were battling a throng of monsters, or saving a damsel in distress more often than not, these heroes would have to come to terms with their own mortality. As demigods or minor gods, these heroes found themselves in situations that were and still are to this day comparable to what the common person finds themselves in. Wonder Woman, Thor, Superman and, Ironman are all heroes from different cultures, yet all have that similar conviction with human kind.
Wonder Woman
A. Warrior Princess
1. Amazon
2. Diana of Themysicira
3. Heroin fighting for
a. Peace
b. Love
c. Justice
d. Sexual Equality
B. Origen of Myth
1. Amazon
2. Greek
C. Super Human Power, Skills, and Weaponry
1. Super Human Powers
a. Agility
b. Reflexes
c. Endurance
d. Stamina
e. Healing Factor
f. Empathy
g. Nearly Invulnerable to Magic
h. Flight at Sublight Speed
i. After 1960 ii. Gift from Hermes
i. Psychically Communicate with Animals
j. Strength
2. Experts and Skills
a. Tactician
b. Diplomat
c. Sword
d. Ax
e. Bow and Arrow
f. Hand to Hand Combat
3. Mythical Weaponry
a. Lasso
i. Gift from Zeus ii. Must tell the truth while wrapped in it
b. Bracelets
i. Gift from Zeus ii. Indestructible
c. Tiara
i. Indestructible ii. Can be used as a Boomerang
d. Airplane
i. Invisible ii. Before 1960 iii. Only in some stories
D. Villains
a. Cheetah
b. Ares
c. Alkyone
d. Genocide
e. The Circle
f. Many others
i. Monsters from Greek Mythology ii. gods from Greek Mythology
Thor (Norse)
A. Ancient Myth a. Thursday came from Thor’s name b. Sanctified many human “needs” i. Family ii. Community iii. Fertility iv. Divine Marriage
B. Modern Myth a. Banished from Asgard for loving mankind more than the gods. b. Rather than viewed as a god, viewed as a super-hero.
A. Man of Steel
B. Myth
a. sole survivor from planet Krypton
b. kryptonite
C. Super human powers and abilities
a. Laser beam eyes
b. Faster than a speeding bullet
c. Fly at sub light speed (in some stories)
d. One of the Strongest Humans on the planet
e. X-Ray vision
A. Myth
B. Modern Mythology
C. Abilities
a. Genius-level intellect
b. A cyberpathic link with a prior version of his power armored suit
c. Superhuman and durability
d. Supersonic flight at Mach 3
e. Energy repulsors
f. Missiles
g. Regenerative life support(sometimes powered by solar power)

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