Heros and Monsters

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Heroes and Their Monsters
Many heroes have been born or trained throughout the centuries. Most of the heroes are legends from stories or people being in the right spot at the wrong moment and living to tell the tale. Stories have been told around fires about mighty heroes battling against the atrocious monsters. These stories date as far back as 800 B. C. E.
The first of these bodacious heroes was Beowulf and his battles consist of battling against the gruesome Grendel, his seducing mother, and a fire-breathing dragon. Beowulf was a Geatish warrior from Geatland which is now known as Sweden. He was a true warrior who thought he needed to fight any monster that came his way. However, Beowulf was also paid to hunt and kill. Beowulf was a selfless person who was governed by a code of ethics to help other people and his inner conflicts, whether to act selflessly to help others or to accumulate rewards and personal fame, are good examples of the human side of his personality (Homepage).
The first monster up on Beowulf’s list of battles is Grendel, a lone-walker who kills at night and uses no weapons and runaways when something does not go his way. In the battle between the mighty Beowulf and the monstrosity of a being named Grendel, Beowulf severs Grendel’s arm and hangs it in the middle of the mead-hall to show of his trophy to the king. In the meantime, Grendel runs to where he lives in the swamps and bleeds to death. Beowulf’s next monster that he encountered is Grendel’s mother. For Beowulf to find her, he must swim to the bottom of a lake for the better part of the day. Once he is in her lair she lashes out at him and she has sea monsters attack him. He is wielding the sword Hrunting which he uses to behead Grendel’s mother. The very last monster that comes Beowulf’s way is a golden dragon that has been woken up when a thief stole some treasure that belonged…...

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