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We live in a world where we are told we can do what we want and we are in control of our own lives, but does that mean we can take our own lives as well? Today our suicide rates are raising rapidly as the younger generations grow. As of now, the topic of legalizing assisted suicide is being as the rates of the terminally ill rise. We as morally upright people should ban together and stop the legalization of assisted suicide because it will create a black market, the emotional and mental state of the assailant is put into jeopardy and if doctors are involved in the suicide they are violating the morals the vowed to honor upon certification.
If assisted suicide became legal what would happen to the bodies? Sure, some will have a proper funeral and be buried accordingly but what about those people who are financially unstable and only see death as a way out of all their problems. One possibility is they are sold to black market buyers whose specialty is body parts and organs. If assisted suicide was made legal black market contributors would see this opportunity to be able get all the organs they wanted and sold them at ridiculous prices. It could a common notion that someone of the deceased would not want their body that there “in control” of be cut up and sold off on an illegal buying place. Allen Hall presents a very compelling argument as she is reporting on a woman who is working as a nurse at Dignatis, an assisted suicide clinic named, Soraya Wernli. Wernli reports that the head doctor, Ludwig Minelli, would make the patients sign off on all property to the clinic and then sell the items to second hand shops. (Hall 8) Hall also goes into detail about the way people who are looking into assisted suicide may go in one morning and be dead in the next few hours. (19) Not only that, Minelli even confessed to wanting to purchase a vending machine where one can...

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