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Hershey's History

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1857 | Milton Hershey, the man behind Hershey's Chocolate, opened his eyes to this world, on 13th September 1857. He developed the love for candy at a very tender age only and started his career as an apprentice to a candy-maker in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was in 1876, when Milton was only eighteen-years old, that he laid the foundation of his own candy shop, in Philadelphia. However, the shop closed down after six years only, following which he moved to Denver, Colorado, and started learning the art of caramel-making. | 1866 | Milton moved back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the year 1886 and launched the much-successful Lancaster Caramel Company. The company grew by leaps and bounds. | 1893 | In 1893, Milton attended the Chicago International Exposition and ended up buying German chocolate-making machinery and started producing chocolate-coated caramels. The next year, he started the Hershey Chocolate Company, selling off his caramel business. With this, he started the production of Hershey chocolate caramels, breakfast cocoa, sweet chocolate and baking chocolate. | 1894 | Within six years of starting Hershey Chocolate Company i.e. in 1894, Milton began the production of milk chocolate, in the form of bars, wafers and other shapes. As the methods of mass-production became popular, the company was able to lower the per-unit cost of milk chocolate and bring the product within the common man's reach. The chocolate was an immediate success and witnessed heavy demand. To cope up with the rising orders, Milton decided to increase his production facilities. Soon, Hershey witnessed the opening of a new chocolate factory, amid the gently rolling farmland of south-central Pennsylvania, in Derry Township. The location was close to the ports of New York and Philadelphia, from which the factory sourced its imported sugar and cocoa beans. At the same time, it was...

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