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Breakfast options (6-7am)
150ml Jungle Oats/All Bran Flakes
Fat Free milk

Snack (10.30am)
Apple/Protein Shake/ 1 rice cake with FAT FREE cottage cheese

Lunch (1pm)
**150ml cooked pasta salad 60-80grams tuna (in brine)

**1 baked potatoe Salad 70g chicken

** 1 baked potatoe Salad 60g FAT FREE cottage cheese

** Chicken stir fry
(onion, mushroom, peppers, broccoli, courgettes, cabbage, carrots etc)
You can get ‘egg free’ noodles from spar – I’m not sure if they are healthier, but go with it.
**The above options should be eaten ONCE a week**

All other days are:
150ml brown rice/sweet potatoes
Salad/steamed veggies
70g of fish/chicken/tuna.

Dinner (6pm)
One night you can have stir fry. Otherwise it is boring as hell…. Your dinner options are…..
60g of fish or chicken
Veggies or salad

* Grill and steam as much as you can
* Baby spinach from Woolies can be substituted instead of lettuce
* Popcorn can be a snack – but not a lot… use Olive oil, yes its more expensive but its better.
* NO bread
* NO cheese
* Sweetener in tea/coffee
* eat the healthier options
* Get Bulgerian /greek youghurt and lemon juice for a salad dressing.

Sundays are your cheat days – obviously don’t go overbored.
Try make it fun and interesting, it’s super hard, but once your are in the routine you will be so happy! Stick to it
Weekends are crazy hard to try stick to your diet, try as best you can!!!!!
Remember yes we want to lose weight and be sheeexy! But think of this as a whole ‘lifestyle’ change...

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