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Macronutrient Composition of Pyramid Groups

5 Major Food Groups | The Macronutrients (energy nutrients) | Non-nutrients | | Carbohydrates | Protein | Fat | Phytochemicals | GrainsExamples * Bread * Cereal * Rice * Oats * Pasta | Yes, there is a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | Yes, there is a significant amount of Protein in Grains, altogether. | Yes, there is a significant amount of Fat in Grains, altogether. | | VegetablesExamples * Starchy * Green, red, & * Yellow * Beans | Yes, there is a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | | No, there is not a significant amount of Fat in Grains, altogether. | | Fruits | Yes, there is a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | Yes, there is a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | | | Dairy (Milk, Cheese, & Yogurt) | No, there is not a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | | | | (Meat Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans, Eggs, & Nuts) | | Yes, there is a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | Yes, there is a significant amount of Carbohydrates in Grains, altogether. | |

Following are some things to consider as you complete your chart:

The macronutrients (energy nutrients)

* Carbohydrates: Is the carbohydrate, in the food group, in the form of a starch, sugar, or fiber? If it’s a sugar, which sugar is it? Is the food group a good or significant source of carbohydrates? Is the sugar an added ingredient to the food in the food group, or a natural sugar?
Note: Polysaccharides = complex carbohydrates, but complex carbohydrate ≠ whole grains. * Protein: Is the food group a good or significant source of protein? Which foods in the different groups are complete (high…...

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