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Caesar Summary

Option K Rome: Julius Caesar

Principal Focus: Students gain an understanding of Julius Caesar in the context of his time.

Students learn about:

1 Historical context – geography, topography and resources of Rome and provinces – overview of Roman political and social structures – overview of significant political and military developments

2 Background and rise to prominence – his family background and position – his education, early life and ambitions – paths to power: priesthoods; Marian connections; political alliances and marriages – early political career to 60 BC

3 Career – role in First Triumvirate – Gallic Wars: campaigns and tactics, siege of Alesia – relationship with his army – relationship with the Senate – role in the Civil War – political supporters and enemies – personal relationships: Julia, Cleopatra VII, Brutus, Mark Antony, Cicero – impact of personality on career; significance of his writings – dictatorship: policies and reforms – assassination: motives, manner and impact of his death

4 Evaluation – impact and influence on his time – assessment of his life and career – legacy – ancient and modern images and interpretations of Julius Caesar.

1. Historical Context

Geography, topography and resources of Rome and provinces Geography and topography • Most of Italy is rough, hilly country which rises to central mountain range called the Apennines. • Empire encompassed variety of climates and land ranged from very fertile to desert. • Empire had good network of straight roads. Engineering feats brought water/sewers to the cities. Resources • Extent of the empire meant there was large supply of resources: – Farming was one of most...

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