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NUT1 Task 1

Western Governor's University

NUT1 Task 1
Importance of Information Access using Electronic Medical Record (EMR):
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a computerized system of keeping patient information. Similar to paper charting, EMR can be used to chart important patient data to treat patients and document the related nursing care. EMR can be used to store important patient information like patient’s diagnoses, allergies, medication, patient’s demographics, lab and diagnostic test. EMR also includes patient’s medical record number and account number that is given to the patients and is also used as reference about patients for future admissions. EMR’s provide accurate information that is easily accessible than paper charting. It also provides easy health care access to providers, improves communication among patients and health care providers. With EMR, nurses have easier access to in depth and detailed charting of physical assessment, tallying input and output and easy comparison in the trends of labs and diagnostic test. EMR also prevents medication errors since patients bar codes are scanned and verified accurately prior to administering medication. Data about medication is available prior to administration, so nurses can monitor possible side effects of medication. Thus charting patient information in real time or the ability to access results improves quality of patient care and increase co-ordination among health care providers.
Personal Health Information: Personal Health Information (PHI) available online is always at risk of breach of confidentiality. Computer hackers are very technical savvy and can potentially access patient information and results from any computer. Since EMR uses different types of network, patient data can be printed, downloaded or emailed carrying risk of either a virus infection on computer system or risk of...

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