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Values, Vision, and Strategy are crucial to setting clear, understandable, and easily communicated direction for you, other employees and the rest of the team. Effective communication plays a huge part establishing a common sense of purpose. The more clearly you communicate your goals from the start, the less time and resources you will spend on trying to fix poor communication. By communicating effectively there would be less mistakes and misunderstandings and there will be greater and more effective interaction between the team because they are all aware of the common goal that they are trying to achieve. Good communication will also improve morale in the team as everyone feels that they are all important and trying to achieve the same goals. It is essential that Network Rail’s vision and strategy are understood and followed by our team in order for us to deliver an outstanding service to the general public who rely on us to run the railway infrastructure efficiently.
I think that I was able to effectively communicate the common sense of purpose to the team. I feel that I was able to express my ideas and views clearly, confidently and concisely and I regularly summarised the main points. I think that my tone and pace were good and everyone was able to follow what I was saying. I feel there was also free-flowing communication where everyone was equally involved and interested. I also feel that I listened attentively and expressed an interest in what the team were saying. The feedback that I received from the team reflected this and they also gave my areas which I could improve...

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