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Marketing Communications (SEC. 101)


Benetton is supporting the “Unhate” foundation that contributes to the creation of a new culture of tolerance.
While I am fully in support of this cause as our world definitely needs more tolerance in today’s era of hate and rivalry against each other. But still I find the ads offensive. The concept of unhate do not involve world leaders kissing each other on the lips. Maybe a kiss on the cheek would have been served the purpose more effectively than on the lips. Moreover I don’t think that the concept of unhate can happen while criticizing the beliefs of two of the world’s biggest belief systems by having the Pope kiss the Sheikh of Al-Azhar. Or maybe they want to show that tolerance starts with respecting the other person with different belief. I see the controversy in the idea. Moreover Benetton is a good quality clothing company of fashion industry. So I think this ad has been used by the company as a tool for fashion statement as company’s brand image and the cause they are supporting are not alligned to each other or compatible to each other. It's easy- it's marketing. They knew this would get people talking so they took advantage of the situation. It's not like their primary goal was to spread love and peace...well, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.
All the pictures displayed were fake and not real where world leaders were shown kissing each other. It is disrespectful to photoshop images to create a 'marketing' campaign.It aroused serious protests in some countries like vatican city ,the picture showed Pope embracing Ahmed Mohamed el-Tayeb as part of Benetton's new advertising campaign. people took it as disrespect for pope. Moreover the ad seems like that it is promoting gay culture, lifestyle among the world leaders.


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