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The topic that I chose for my reaserch paper is the limitations that should be applied to the parizi. I chose this topic because I wanted to see how much the pree and media have acces to the celrites. I want to fight for the celberite cause I deserve they need more privercy.
My topic is the limitations that should be applied to the paparazzi. I wanted to see how much the

press and media have access to the celebrities. Celebrities are just people like us, and they

need their privacy. Sometimes you’ll see some really personal in magazines that you will say to

yourself “how do they know that?”. I chose this because i want to see the paparazzi can push a celebrity and how much they can

learn from the scandals and the relationship problems.

I limited my research to just what the paparazzi should be limited on and why. I’ll get most of my research from interviews, magazines, and some websites. I’ll try to interview some people from the press and ask them questions like “ how much of

these peoples lives do you know about “and “ do you think there should be some limits on how

much you can know about these people”.

I’ll see if i can get some interviews of people who have already interviewed drama filled celebrities like Brittany Spears and "the always in the fighting mood" Chris Brown.

I want to find out how far the paparazzi is limited, if any at all, and see why they should be


I’ll learn how to make a website and how interviews work and the skill behind them. What will mostly interest me will is when i can find out the future affects the paparazzi will have on the media. With the media being

the most useful source of info for the people, the paparazzi could have more power, or they could lose that power and become more

limited on the things they can do.

In the New York Times article, “Do Paparazzi's Have Too Much Freedom?”, it talks about the debate whether the paparazzi has too much freedoms or they don’t have enough freedom. The argument for “Yes” describes the evil, twisted minds of the paparazzi. It explains that they “stalk” the celebrities and wait for the right moment to catch them cheating on their spouse or finding a new secret lover, which if could be achieved could be sold to magazines and websites for “millions”. On the other hand, the “No” argument is that the 1st amendment protects the freedom of the press. Paparazzi is named for the Italian word that originally meant the buzzing of a mosquito. Paparazzi are journalist, and even though it may be a little inconvenient to be followed by them, celebrities benefit greatly from the press (Burke,Ottoman, 2013). This shows the different views on the paparazzi. In the BBC news article, it talks about kids of the celebrities should be protected from the paparazzi. It talks about the bill that was passed to into a law which lays out penalties for taking photos and video of a child without parental consent and in a harassing manner (Garner, 2013). This provides an example of how the paparazzi can take things too far. In the Newsweek article "Paparazzi with drones" it discuses the rumor of the gossip site TMZ having a drone used for spying on celebrities at the poolside. This drone could possibly be a way for TMZ to get all its info without the use of the paparazzi. The new drones could very well be the way the paparazzi will spy on the celebrities in the future. There is no way journalist wouldn't do this; they could fire all the people that work them (which would create more unemployment) and save a lot of money to just pay for a couple of drones with one payment than having to pay workers a salary. Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman said " if TMZ does, so will someone else" (Dickson, 2012). This show why the paparazzi should be limited. In the article "The Steven Tyler Act" on, it talks about how people can now be sued for taking photos of other peoples private lives in an offensive manner. The Hawaiian senators approved this law. Steven Tyler said he wanted to protect the privacy he had as a public figure (Thomas, 2013). This shows the impact the paparazzi has on celebrities lives. In the New York Times article " Should the private lives of famous be off limits" it talks about the wife of Britain's Prince's wife. Paparazzi photographers had taken pictures of Kate Middleton topless and sent them to tabloids in France (Doyen, 2012). This shows how personal the paparazzi can get. In the article "Limits for the paparazzi" it talks about both sides of the argument. It says that the paparazzi can change a nobody into a somebody (Allen, 2012). This shows the power of the media. In the CBC News article "Judge challenges new California law that limits celebrity chasing" it talks about paparazzi chasing Justin Bieber. The judge said California's law too broad so he dropped some of the charges (Raef, 2012). This shows how some laws against the paparazzi aren't specific enough. In the article " New Anti-Paparazzi Law protects celebrities" talks about the law creating a "boundary". It says this law is supposed to maintain privacy, reduce harassment, and protect both celebrities and paparazzi (Herzog, 2013). This shows more limits being pushed on the paparazzi.

How It Relates To North Carolina The paparazzi relates to North Carolina in many ways. The paparazzi is attracted to celebrities and major events. A good example of common paparazzi in North Carolina could be newspapers. Its not the usual "chase you around cities and stalk your life" paparazzi, but they do basically the same thing. For example, if something big happens in your local area, the newspapers send out interviewers and journalist to that event so that you can know everything there is too know about that event. So when you think about it, the paparazzi does the same thing. North Carolina is full of big sports names and teams. When the teams are doing well and they have big games, sports interviewers and sports journalist are all over those games. Even though the sports interviewers and journalist don't have the classical paparazzi characteristics and attitudes, they still would do a lot to do to get that "big shot" on the sports athletes because they can turn around and go sell that photo to some magazine or newspaper for a good days work.
How It Relates To The World

Paparazzi being related to the world is like peanut butter going with jelly, its always been together. Every month, there is countless number of accounts where celebrities all over the world have their personal lives exposed. News stories like the Princess of England being exposed (naked) on international news. The paparazzi only did that because of their sole motivation, money. Another example of celebrity exposure is the Mayor in Canada incident. He was caught doing drugs on video and the media blew it up. The news was all over the world about this. Without the paparazzi pushing for those big shots, the world not have known about the incident. The paparazzi can take things way too far when they get involved in celebrities love lives. All over the world, in every country there are celebrities, and with the celebrities there are reporters and journalist trying to get some dirt on the celebrities . The most common forms of paparazzi in the world is mostly journalist. They are the main source of info where we get all of our dirt from. Without them, we would only know what happens in our country, even smaller than that, we would only know about things in our town. That's the power is social media.
How It Relates To The US Paparazzi is very significant in the social media in the US. The paparazzi are called many things; annoying, sneaky, mean, but hey do get the job done.The paparazzi will go to very far limits to get that one photo so they could sell it for a major profit. Most people see the paparazzi as those little creeps that need a life, but if it wasn't for them, you wouldn't know about all these celebrity scandals. There are so many stories of celebrity chasing all around America. Most celebrities are pushing for new laws against the paparazzi. Celebrity Halle Berry is getting a law passed in California where the paparazzi can't photograph celebrities children.without permission. In other cases, the paparazzi is the victim. They can push some celebrities to points where they just can't take it anymore. Justin Bieber has had many paparazzi problems. One where he was being followed for 45 mins by a reporter and had some choice words to say to that reporter. Another was when he was involved in a heated argument with a reporter in England. There's also the most popular one where a man was killed trying to take a photo of Justin Bieber's car, and now Bieber is trying to get tougher laws passed on the paparazzi. Justin Bieber isn't the only celebrity that's trying to get tougher laws passed. Steven Tyler is trying to get tougher laws passed in Hawaii called the Steven Tyler Laws. The paparazzi will do almost anything to get what they want, and most of the paparazzi stories come out of California because that is where most of the celebrities in America reside. Which is coincidentally the state that has the most anti-paparazzi laws.
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