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Unit 2 Assignment 2
Task 1

Physical Resources
Stock: Tesco need to have stock in order to sell items for a profit, without having any stock it can majorly affect the popularity and the image of the business. The popularity will decrease because Tesco will produce less to sell which will drive customers away to different companies who are capable of giving them what they want.

Equipment: Tesco have many resources that are vitally important to the financial development of the company. By having the right resources it allows Tesco to compete with the best in their industry as the equipment used are widely regarded as the industry’s finest.

Land and Buildings: With lands and buildings, Tesco are able to keep all stock in a certain location this provides security and safety. Rather than giving to other people who couldn’t care less about the security of the products up for sale. Secondly by having attractive buildings to sale products, it brings in more people as it’s trendy. Customers are more likely to shop at “the biggest superstore in Britain” than the smallest in Britain.

Plant and Machinery: By Tesco having plants and machinery it allows them to create their own products, for example a having a pasteurization machine they will be able to make their own milk, yoghurt and cheese. This can bring good income to the company as they can sell them for a cheaper price than leading brands that sell those items. This is a smart business idea because most customers prefer cheap items which are of good quality which Tesco are able to provide with the physical resources they have.

Technological Resources
Software: Having software licences allows Tesco to be able to have their own unique software for their products. Things such as the self-checkout tills need unique software in order to know the different products in the company, how much each product costs,...

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