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Managing in the global environment
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Michael Altamirano

Week 7 Assignment
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Jayamoorthy Arulmani

1. Do a SWOT analysis of the Nokia-Microsoft Strategic Alliance in the Global Mobile phone industry.
SWOT Analysis is referred in 4 terms which is used in competitor analysis of each company must care about four terms as follows as Strength: * World biggest cell organization, * Extension more than 50 nations and a business’s offer of 31%, * Continuous innovative work area, * Cells are incredible value extent making it reasonable by any social class and signifying its prevalence, | Weakness: * Claims a backup serving its advanced mapping and route, * Amassing of the administration areas in the created nations when contrasted with creating ones, * Presenting telephones aren't utilize cordial so couldn't accomplish the normal achievement, * The new promptings are basically for the high innovation telephones as opposed to advancements with respect to low value sparing telephones, | Opportunities: * Nation telephones for prominent telephones are hard to interpret, * Nokia have a high game changer over its rivals regarding brand mentally separate biggest piece of the overall industry and infiltration, * Has the crest time to enter developing markets in India | Threats: * Advancements are liable to expand piece of the overall industry alongside deals, * Contenders like Samsung, Sony Ericson, and Motorola are presenting methods which will expand their advancement excellently, * Nokia doesn't decrease the cost of the more established models when presenting another model restricting the pattern received by alternate organizations who lessen the costs, |

2. Compare and contrast Nokia and Microsoft regarding their global operations and competitive advantages.
The Nokia - Microsoft vital…...

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