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Key Lessons from the Reading
R1 - The Innovator's DNA: In this article, the author distinguished five discovery skills that separated true innovators from the rest. These five skills included, associating or the ability to connect unrelated ideas, questioning or the power of finding provoking answers, observing or watching customers live their normal life, experimenting or trying out new prototypes and ideas, and lastly networking or devoting time to finding and testing knowledge through diverse individuals. By using all of these skills, a marketer can truly become and innovator. A key lesson from this reading is to try and think differently about questions to stimulate creative thinking in order to become a great innovator in not only marketing, but anything you do. I feel that if I can follow these skills I can become an innovator and improve as a marketer.
R2 - Walking in Someone Else's Shoes: They key lesson of this article is in order to really understand your customer you must "walk in their shoes". However, in this article, when the researcher literally sat in a wheelchair for weeks it turned out to be too much. So, we must learn how to observe our customer and really understand how they feel, not what we think they feel. By doing this we can truly find the right product for them.
R3 - Finding the Right Job for Your Product: The key lesson of this article is basically for the marketer to not focus only on the demographics of a client but to instead adjust the product to the best ability it could be to attract customers. In order to find the job a marketer cannot decipher the information from a database, but only from observing, questioning, and thinking like an innovator (similar to…...

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